5 Signs Event Planning May Not Be Your Thing

5 Signs Planning Events Is Not Your Thing

woman looking disappointed


The truth can hurt sometimes, like when you realize how challenging event planning can really be.

From a distance, it might not look like a difficult career choice, but in reality, it takes more than just good ideas to make an event “pop” so-to-speak.

But how exactly do you know if this calling is for you? Here are a couple of signs that event planning is not your strength.

1. Unorganized

It is critical for an event planner to be organized. More specifically, it is the type of job that requires methodical organization skills. When you start to get dizzy just thinking about all the things that need to get done, it’s a sign to probably find another profession. Because a good events planner lives to organize a mess.

2. You Just Can’t Get It Right

Before every event, you need to meet with the client. But if you fear this meeting because you don’t really understand the requirements provided by the client, it is going to be really tough making it a success.

3. Lack In Communication

Just like you need to understand the directions from the client, you need to be able to communicate them to the staff you work with. In other words, communication skills are very important if everything is going to run fluently.

4. Lack Of Confidence

Clients and staff members are not going to take you seriously if you don’t have confidence in your skills. If you can’t motivate yourself and make others believe you have the confidence to get the job done, event planning is not for you.

5. No Innovative Thinking

The thing that makes an event planner so special is their ability to take initiative. While under heavy pressure, they can still find effective solutions to all possible problems that might occur.